Community Livelihood Project hinges on the background that there is a relationship between nutrition and disability. Many disabilities/impairments such as Blindness, Hydrocephrous, Spinabafida, among others, have a connection with malnutrition. Community Vegetable gardening campaign was launched to tap the potential of Floric acid which encourages mothers and young girls to eat rich vegetables and fruits as a means to reduce on the incidence of Hydrocephrous and Spinabafida.  This is premised on Slow Food- Organic Food Philosophy. The project works with 11 groups better known as Parents Learning Committees, in each Parish of the nine Parishes that make up Nangabo Sub-county that has been formed to facilitate/support individuals to establish Vegetable gardens for:
Improvements on their nutrition for therapeutically reasons
Selling the surplus on the local market to improve the income
Sustaining and conserving organic foods


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