Community Services

There is wide consensus that the small scale farming sector is fundamental to food security and nutrition in the developing world. Generating the type of knowledge and innovation that enables smallholder farmers including the poorest to improve their productivity and strengthen local markets, while achieving environmental sustainability and boosting nutrition is still a challenge. This would enable communities to produce locally and increase their own food supplies and incomes, and improve food availability in their families. Attention has been put to women because they play central roles in food production but are increasingly vulnerable to food insecurity. 
 Alex Zizinga works on a vegetable garden with the Community

Community Livelihood Project hinges on the background that there is a relationship between nutrition and disability. Many disabilities/impairments such as Blindness, Hydrocephrous, Spinabafida, among others, have a connection with malnutrition. Community Vegetable gardening campaign has been launched to tap the potential of Floric acid which encourages mothers and young girls to eat rich vegetables and fruits as a means to reduce on the incidence of Hydrocephrous and Spinabafida.  This is premised on Slow Food- Organic Food Philosophy. The project works with 11 groups better known as Parents Learning Committees, in each Parish of the nine Parishes that make up Nangabo Sub-county that has been formed to facilitate/support individuals to establish Vegetable gardens for:
Improvements on their nutrition for therapeutically reasons